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Article: Spring begins: 6 items that cannot be missing in your closet

Empieza la primavera: 6 prendas que no pueden faltar en tu armario

Spring begins: 6 items that cannot be missing in your closet

On March 20th, everyone's favorite season officially starts, and yes, we couldn’t be talking about any other season than Spring. With its ideal temperatures, romantic landscapes, beautiful color palette, and the abundant enthusiasm that fills the streets, it is easy to understand the excitement that surrounds this much awaited time of the year. Especially for the fashionistas, since it is time to use all of their creativity to show off their best outfits which no weather like spring weather allows us to do.

At Lafloïd we have selected 6 wardrobe essentials for this season, all of them stylish pieces that will last forever, becoming treasures in your wardrobe:

The mythical “Trench Coat”

The Trench Coat, a piece that has managed to make its way back to our wardrobe each and every year, reinvents itself this season with more strength than ever. The classic beige or cream trench coat is still welcome, but new proposals have been added pushing you to leave your comfort zone: different materials such as leather, wool, and organza, variations in shapes with pleats and layers, and risky colors such as sky blue and mandarin orange.

(1.Givenchy 2. Saint Laurent 3. Apparis)

The “Strappy” Sandal

One  all-time favorite ( we can thank Carrie Bradshaw for that) and as the name already gives away, we are talking about those sandals covered (partly) by thin or thick straps, that leave most of the foot out in the open air. This season, every single brand has released their version of the strappy, allowing you to freely choose the one that best suits your style and your budget. Extremely versatile and feminine, it is an infallible accessory that adapts to all occasions.

 (1.Saint Laurent  2. Isabel Marant 3. Aquazzura)

Long or Midi Skirts

This season, midi and long skirts are a must, so you better have at least one of them in your wardrobe. Materials range from satin silk, to jean, and crochet, and the shape can be straight or "A line", but the colors follow the same pattern: classic and sober earth tones, like white, beige, or burgundy.

(1. Givenchy 2. Alexa Chung. 3. Saint Laurent)

Hoop Earrings

They can be classic or innovative, small or large, made of metal or materials such as seashells or colored stones. As it is a transition season, spring gives you the freedom to play with accessories, wearing those hoops that you couldn't wear with winter hats and scarves.

(1.Givenchy 2. Irene Neuwirth 3.Rachel Comey)

Knee-Length Shorts

It was high time for the Knee-Length shorts to make their come back, and how much we missed them! One of those pieces that can be both feminine and masculine, depending on how they are worn, and that take you out of your comfort zone thanks to their originality. It is not a short, it is not a skirt, and it is not a trouser. Of diverse colors and materials, the high waist pieces are definitely a trend, and even more so in solid colored materials.

(1.Givenchy 2. Bottega Veneta, 3. GRLFND)

Minimalist bags

Minimalist is one of the most powerful trends, where we seek to minimize the means of expression, therefore it is easy to understand the abundance of solid colors and geometric shapes. Bags have always been an essential complement for an outfit to look and feel complete: in camel or navy, this 2 colors are available for all designs. And if you like making bold styling choices, fall in love with our Tatto Illustrations and create an unique piece through our website.

(1. Lafloïd Jane 2. Lafloïd Roma 3. Lafloïd Jane)

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