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Article: Your best bet: shopping online

El comercio online, una apuesta segura

Your best bet: shopping online

The very emergence of new technologies has brought on their own disruption. The Internet of Things and social networks are to blame for--or perhaps not--why customers no longer visit bricks-and-mortar clothing shops. More and more, clients and companies are jumping on board e-commerce platforms as a way of selling and buying products. The ease of shopping with just the click of a mouse, and the convenience of having your purchases appear almost instantly, have normalised online shopping, making it a win-win situation and an everyday occurrence.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the fear of sharing public spaces mean more and more people are opting for a safe and reliable online shopping experience.  Making a purchase from the comfort of your home, without having to wait in long queues or enter fitting rooms is becoming a more usual--and branded--experience. If pre-pandemic online shopping tended to be just occasional, it is now definitely here to stay.  In a matter of hours, online shops can be sold out of merchandise and fewer and fewer people are walking through the doors of actual stores.

The main sectors for online shopping are “fast-fashion” and those shops that have found their niche and sell exclusively online. The discovery of niche brands was forged on many fronts--on social networks, Instagram--all of them virtual shop windows to the world. Brands have seen exponential growth on these social network channels--even selling through them.

Online commerce has consolidated itself in the last decade, making the convenience and ease of shopping an almost safer option than going to a shop. Clothes purchased may be returned at no charge, and for those who are hesitant to reveal their personal data, purchases can be paid for and picked up in the shop itself.  Additionally, and perhaps of most importance due to present circumstances, shopping online is more hygienic.   More and more brands are focussing their efforts on strengthening their digital channels and offering a unique shopping experience which, in many cases, goes beyond the expectations of actually buying in a shop.  

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