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Article: Flowers for Lafloïd , Lulu Figueroa´s capsule collection

Flowers for Lafloïd la colección exclusiva de Lulu Figueroa

Flowers for Lafloïd , Lulu Figueroa´s capsule collection

I always try to show fewer images and more scenes in my drawings. Lulu Figueroa.

From our history comes our passion for elegance, exclusivity, fashion, art, and the search for beauty and harmony in its five senses. Art and creativity are essential for Lafloïd; therefore, it is also essential for us to transfer these values to our bags and accessories. Through collaborations with artists from different fields, who develop illustrations and collections specially designed for us, we offer something unique, full of personality, and of exceptional quality. Objects of desire that tell stories and raise passions among fashion and art lovers.

On this occasion we have partnered with Lulú Figueroa Domecq: painter, blogger, muse and aesthete, who has developed an exclusive and temporary collection full of meaning for us: Flowers for Lafloïd.

Since she was little, art and music have been her most constant companions, and she has always had a special gift. An Icon of style, in her work a duality prevails: between the form and the background, or the theme and in the structure, and in the treatment of light and color. Flowers for her represent stories full of color, aromas, and inspiration that manage to bring to her the memory of numerous trips around the world, and she immortalizes those that manage to awaken something inside her. Feelings and emotions that she translates into a unique and revealing proposal that is perfectly reflected on our accessories.

Her illustration, the "Vinca Major" flower, a flower originally from Jerez, the city where she spent her childhood, has been chosen by the artist as the protagonist of her collection. It will be available on our website until the 20th of July 2020, as a possible illustration to customize any of our products.

The Flowers for Lafloïd collection also has a solidarity component to it, since 14% of sales will go to the #YOMECORONO foundation in order to help in the active fight against the Covid 19 pandemic. From the sales of the rest of our products, we are allocating 10% of sales.

A solidary collaboration full of art with a Spanish stamp that reflects the connection between Lafloïs and Lulu Figueroa, who share a passion for a job well done and seek differentiation in what is truly authentic and unique, but with meaning.

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