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Article: Lafloid participates in MBFW Madrid 2023 - LAFLOID

Lafloid participa en la MBFWMadrid 2023 - LAFLOID

Lafloid participates in MBFW Madrid 2023 - LAFLOID

Yesterday, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid 2023 began in style, and Lafloid was present for the first time alongside Pablo Erroz, presenting a reinterpretation of La Cesta, one of the brand's most iconic pieces.

Lafloid x Pablo Erroz

The collaboration was born from the interest of both brands in local manufacturing techniques, everything made in Spain , care and sustainability, and the treatment of materials such as leather, which characterizes them so much. And in this way, the idea of ​​creating a synergy arose that ended up materializing in this new version of La Cesta, a piece genderless as well as purely timeless.

As a novelty, these pieces have a pocket added to the flap, and they also break with the mix of various colors that make La Cesta Lafloid x Pablo Erroz an even more unique product, being a limited edition collection. Both Janina and Pablo joined forces to make the final result breathe a little of both brands.

Finally, the colors that characterize Lafloid so much were used: orange, obviously, could not be missing, in addition to the classic camel and marine, to which new tones such as black and powerful olive green are added, a winning combination.

Pablo Erroz and “Stimulus”

In this edition, Pablo presented “Stimulus”, a concept that they used as the common thread of the entire collection, referring to the amount of stimuli that we perceive daily. In this way, he invited us to reflect on a generation subjected daily to a quantity of news, new information, and with the need that exists to want to find ephemeral stimuli despite the difficulties in defining their life purposes.

With this concept, Pablo Erroz's team once again created its new collection non-Seasonal 23-24 , a transversal proposal that brought together sustainability, timelessness and totally genderless .

Looking for garments for daily comfort with a modern style as well as sophistication, in which La Cesta by Lafloid x Pablo Erroz did not go unnoticed along with all the looks. The collection opted for neutral colors such as intense black, off-white or beige, contrasted with such powerful tones as orange, lime or lilac.


At MBFWMadrid 2023

Part of the Lafloid team attended the show, where they were able to see the entire collection live, appreciating every detail and the incredible match with the limited edition piece they created together.

A parade closed by the singer Alfred García, who surprised the entire public with his debut as a model, and his performance while all the models paraded in the final carousel.

In addition, it had an elite front-row, in which once again, it alluded to the concept that gave its name to its collection, and mixed personalities from different worlds, creating a fusion of “stimuli” among its attendees.

Among them we saw political figures such as the Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta or the President of the Congress of Deputies, Meritxell Batet. Some press and styling personalities, among which Nacho Montes, Jesús María Montes-Fernández and Dorothea Gundtoft stood out.

In addition, we were also able to see some of the most influential Tik Tok profiles, such as Lola Lolita, Lucía Bellido, Lidia Rauet or Isaac Belk, and other stylish celebrities such as Gracy Villarreal, Maria Hernandez or Andy McDougall.

It was undoubtedly a collection that, despite its timelessness, had designs that surprised everyone who was able to see it both live and on screen, and from the Lafloid team we are especially excited to have been able to be part of this project and the opportunity to have debuted at the big Madrid fashion week.

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