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Article: Why is “made in Spain” relevant

Porque el “made in spain” se vuelve relevante

Why is “made in Spain” relevant

Times are changing and so has the fashion industry. A couple of weeks ago in one of our posts we discussed the term "new luxury", which arises as a consequence of the new demands of a consumer who has shifted his concerns and seeks to buy products that align to certain standards and share their same values. Nowadays, a luxury bag is considered luxurious not only because of the brand that it belongs to, but because of the values ​​that the bag itself represents.

The “new luxury” concept is relevant because the "Made in" belongs to the same discourse. Among the values ​​that have become important when buying a fashionable garment, such as a leather bag, or a leather purse (even more so if these pieces are luxury) is how and where it was made; hence, we see more than ever an emphasis on "Made in", because this short phrase carries with itself a greater weight than it appears. Brands have to answer for who has made their garments, being more transparent with their consumers about the production process.

The change of mentality and the rise of new demands do not happen by chance, with globalization, many brands moved their productions to places with worse conditions, industrializing them in order to save costs, and sacrificing quality in the production process. The consumer found himself in the situation of buying products that they neither knew where they came from, how they were made, or whether they were indeed worth the price they marked.

So what implication does the "Made in Spain" have?

It means that you are getting a product has been manufactured in Spain, in a Spanish factory, and that it has that distinctive national seal that consumers highly appreciate and value. We must not forget that, in addition, within the fashion industry, Spain is internationally known for its high quality in the treatment of leather and the products that are made with this material, in hand with the indisputable career of the artisans that are behind the manufacturing of these products.

The fact that the product is made in our country also allows us to take greater control of the production processes, and have full security in the origin of the materials.

At Lafloïd, something we are very proud of is being a 100% artisan brand that is made in Spain, with experts in the field that create luxury products responsibly. We use the highest quality leather, to offer to all our clients’ unique bags and leather goods; Unique, because of the possibility everyone has of personalizing their piece, making it an exclusive.

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