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Article: The bag you can’t be without

Qué bolso no puede faltar en tu armario

The bag you can’t be without

A handbag, the accessory above all others, can turn any look around. It makes the perfect complement, as it comes in as many styles, designs and colours as there are people and personalities. A handbag speaks for itself and can make more of a statement than even an outfit. If it’s small and over the shoulder, it’s the perfect everyday bag. On the other hand, if it’s a clutch, it’s ideal for a dinner or an event. The classic handbag is the one to choose for a non-stop day of work or classes at the university. Whatever the style, the handbag is, without a doubt, the special accessory that everyone wants to have in their wardrobe. All the brand’s accessories can be customised with initials and illustrations from the La Mer collection by Dora Sicart.

The key to selecting the ideal handbag is to choose a style that is both indispensable and timeless, a style which will last forever but never go unnoticed. From a bag for going to the university and to work, or one for going out to dinner with friends on a Friday, these are the handbags which are essential for your wardrobe. 

Classic handbag: This is the best choice when you need to spend the day out of the house, at work or at the university. It’s roomy and versatile, and--everything fits! The Jane style is just right for a day away from home spent at work, making it our best everyday bag. Don’t forget that you can personalise it with your initials, or if you prefer, with a design from the Tatto Collection by Helena Saigi.

Crossbody or shoulder bag: This bag is ideal for its convenience and adaptability, as it can be worn over the shoulder or across the body. Thanks to its two sizes, small and medium, it’s the perfect accessory for easily carrying the essentials. The Roma style, with a shoulder strap and adaptable into a belt bag, is a great choice for the weekend and is our most versatile style for every day.

Clutch bag: Its simple elegance makes this the best style for a dinner or an event. Despite its small size, it allows you to bring along all you need when you go out to dinner. Vesper, with its minimalist design and modern and attractive lines, will be your loyal friend for any occasion.

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