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Article: Summer Travel in Spain: 4 Enticing Escapes

Ruta por España: 4 lugares a los que escaparse

Summer Travel in Spain: 4 Enticing Escapes

In search of some hustle and bustle? Or wanting to escape from it? Either way, you’ll need to plan your next trip. Whether you prefer a grand city on the peninsula or an idyllic island, both can be enjoyed without even leaving Spain.

The desire for sun and sand following months of work is, for many, a wish they hope to fulfil on holiday. Although more and more, travellers are being lured to the mountains in summer. Whatever your choice, here are four suggestions for summer getaways which will surely exceed your expectations.

Barcelona:  A spectacular sight to see is the cosmopolitan jumble of people descending Las Ramblas, one of the most visited streets in Spain.  Art is present at every step, on every street corner and of course, at the museums of the great artists, Gaudí and Dalí.

Minorca: The pine woods, oak groves and wild olive forests which dominate the island are one of the reasons travellers to Spain come here.  Minorca has been declared a Marine Biosphere Reserve, and is internationally recognized for its diversity and perfect conservation. All who visit are responsible for its conservation.

Tenerife: The combination of both beach and mountains on the island is a clear example of how just about everything is possible. Whether it’s a visit to the Mount Teide astronomical observatory or a taste of the traditional Canary cuisine, the island delights all the senses, and will have you dreaming of coming back again.

Formentera: White sandy beaches. Crystalline waters with perfectly clear views of the seabed.  Many will want to savour this scene forever. Peaceful and charming beaches create a haven of tranquillity which simply awaits a visit.

These are just some of the many destinations you can enjoy this summer, which will have you thinking about planning your next trip. A personalised getaway which will become a unique and memorable experience.  Visit Spain this summer and be swept away by her beauty. 

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