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Article: The best Valentine's day gift - LAFLOÏD

Sorprende a tu pareja con el mejor regalo de San Valentín - LAFLOÏD

The best Valentine's day gift - LAFLOÏD

Union enhances love and at Lafloïd we have the perfect proposal to celebrate Valentine´s Day.

#MyHalf is a limited edition of special illustrations for iPhone cases so you can create a unique match with your better half. In the world of technology, we live in nowadays, where our mobile phone is always with us, as if it were an extension of ourselves, #MyHalf is just the gift you were waiting for.

Brag about being the perfect couple and browse our special Valentine´s Day section to find the phrase that best describes your relationship.

For those of you that found each other at a perfect moment to help you see the light, your phrase could be “And in the middle of my chaos, there was you”. If you understand each other at a simple glance, “The eyes chico, they never lie” could be your favorite message. “And then I met you” would be an ideal fit if, in your case, it was love at first sight and you´ve been inseparable ever since. And we also have the perfect phrase for the romantics without a cause: “I only want two things in this world, I want you and I want us”. Which message represents you best? Please note that it´s a limited edition and only available until the 14th of February. Be quick to order so you don´t regret it later!

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