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Cookies policy

Our website uses a technology called “cookies” in order to collect information about the use of the website.
The purpose of this cookie policy is to inform you clearly and precisely about the cookies used on our website (the “Cookie Policy”)

We inform you that we can use cookies in order to facilitate your navigation through the website, distinguish you from other users, provide you with a better experience in using it and identify problems to improve our website. Additionally, if you give your consent, we will use cookies to allow us to obtain more information about your preferences and to personalize our website according to your individual interests.

5.1 Definition of cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded to your computer (computer or mobile device) when you visit the website with the purpose of storing data that can be updated, stored and retrieved by the entity responsible for its installation.
The information collected through cookies may include the IP address, date and time of visits to the website, the pages viewed within the website, the time you have been on our website and the sites visited just before and after our website. and other navigation data. Thus, cookies allow us to obtain information about your browsing habits.

5.2 Type of cookies used on the website

Our website uses the following cookies:

Own cookies

Our website uses its own technical cookies, which are sent to your computer and managed exclusively by us for the best functioning of the website and for which it is not necessary to obtain your consent as they are excluded from the scope of application of article 22.2 of the Law 34/2002, of July 11, on information society services and electronic commerce.
Likewise, our website uses preference or personalization cookies that allow us to collect information that is used to improve the quality of our service and your user experience. These cookies remain on your browser longer, allowing us to recognize you as a return visitor to the website and adapt the content to offer you content that fits your preferences.

Third party cookies

Our website uses the following third-party cookies that require user consent:

Analytical cookies

Google Analytics, a cookie analytical service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”) that helps analyze the use of the website and allows us to know how users interact on our website. The installation of analytical cookies from this service together with our server log files allows us to know the total number of users who visit our website and those parts of it that are most popular. Thanks to them, we obtain information that can help us improve navigation and provide better service to users and clients.

The information generated by the cookies about your use of this website (usual information about accessing the Internet, including your IP address, and about visitor habits in anonymous form) will be transmitted to Google, which will store it, among other things. locations, on servers located in the United States. Google will anonymize the information by removing the last eight digits of your IP address before storing it. Under the Google Analytics terms of service, Google will not associate your IP address with any other data held by Google. We inform you that the international transfer to Google is covered by the formalization of the standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission.

In any case, we inform you that LAFLOID, SL will not use, nor allow any third party to use, the statistical analysis instrument to locate or collect any information from visitors to this site that makes the visiting user identifiable.
Below you can see the detailed list of cookies installed by the Google Analytics service through our website:

Headline: Google

Cookie Name: Google Analytics (_ga)
Purpose: It is used to identify and distinguish a user. They store a unique customer identifier (Customer ID), which is generated randomly. It is used to calculate user interactions (visits, user data, sessions and campaigns), in order to optimize the services they offer.
Duration: 2 years

Cookie Name: Google Analytics (_gid)
Purpose: It is used to identify the same user for a single day.
Duration: 24 hours

Cookie Name: Google Analytics (_gat)
Purpose: It is used to differentiate between the different tracking objects created in the session. The cookie is updated each time you send data to Google Analytics.
Duration: 1 minute

Below we include the link to the Google website where you can consult the description of the type of cookies used by Google Analytics and their expiration period: Go to link .

In any case, you can reject the use of Google Analytics cookies by downloading and installing the “Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on” browser add-on. This would prevent information about your visit to the website from being sent to Google Analytics for the indicated purposes.

Necessary cookies

Prestashop, a session cookie service provided by PrestaShop SA (“Prestashop”) that are strictly necessary for the correct functioning of the website and its navigation.

Owner: Prestashop

Cookie Name: Session
Purpose: Used to record the user's session ID. Identifies the user's http session and its requests during a session.
Duration: End of browsing session

Cookie Name: Security
Purpose: It is used to protect the website from attacks.
Duration: End of browsing session

Cookie Name: Product
Purpose: It is used to store the data of the items in the shopping cart.
Duration: 78 days

Cookie Name: Language
Purpose: It is used to set the language.
Duration: 1 month

Cookie Name: Acceptance of cookies
Purpose: It is used to store prior acceptance of the cookie policy banner.
Duration: 7 days

Behavioral advertising cookies

Facebook Pixel, a behavioral advertising cookie service provided by (“Facebook”) that allows you to measure and optimize advertising campaigns on this platform.


Cookie Name: Facebook Pixel
Purpose: It is used to measure conversions in order to monitor and analyze the actions that users take on our website after seeing our Facebook ad.
Duration: 3 months

5.3 Consent

By browsing our website you will be consenting to the use of the aforementioned cookies, for the periods indicated and under the conditions contained in this Cookies Policy. Please note that if you accept third-party cookies, and later wish to permanently delete them, you must do so from the browser options indicated below since revocation will prevent their use but will not eliminate them as they are third-party cookies.

5.4 Refusal and revocation of consent

You can reject the use of cookies on this website and revoke your consent using the following tool:


5.5 Deletion of cookies

In any case, we inform you that you can delete, block or disable cookies at any time by modifying your browser settings, which will allow you to reject the installation of all or some cookies. You can delete all cookies that are already on your computer and you can configure most browsers to prevent cookies from being installed. If you delete all cookies from this website, through your browser, you will also delete the configuration options you have chosen about our cookies (acceptance, rejection or revocation of their use), and if you decide to completely block cookies, the website will not will work correctly.

Below you can find information on how to manage the use of cookies depending on the browser used:

5.6 Changes in the cookie policy

We may update the Cookie Policy on our website. Therefore, we recommend that you review this policy each time you access our website in order to be adequately informed about how and why we use cookies.


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