A little accessory that says a lot about you

Leather Charms for Bags

Lafloïd’s leather charms for bags are always the icing on the cake of the best look and represent the detail that will ensure your style is unique and inimitable. With a careful design and premium-quality materials, these original accessories perfectly symbolise the exclusivity of our brand. In short, a unique piece full of magic that you just won’t want to ignore.

Mini Jane

Dark turquoise granulated calfskin


Mini Jane

electric blue granulated calfskin


A little accessory that says a lot about you

Never before has such a small item garnered so much prominence and aroused so much desire. Introducing Lafloïd’s charms for bags, which arouse admiring glances, words of praise and smiles of complicity. A burst of genius that everyone wishes they had but only a few are capable of materialising. The true character of a person is appreciated in the details, and this is one that will speak volumes about you.

With this accessory you’re making it clear that you settle for nothing less than perfection, that there is nothing left to chance in your style. And even more so if you decide to make it uniquely yours by personalising it with the options we offer: your choice of colour and your own monogramming to leave your unmistakable stamp on these personalised leather charms.

100% you, 100% Lafloïd

These handmade leather charms concentrate in a few millimetres all the spirit of Lafloïd, everything that makes us different. In them you will find the perfect combination of soul rock and luxury, rebellion and subtlety. And all of this Made in Spain, where leather goods have become objects of art.

But these little pieces that could not be icons of exclusivity if it were not for their premium-class materials and the most advanced techniques. These are handmade charms made of grained calfskin and lambskin on the inside. The metallic appliques provide an extra dose of elegance and distinction on selected models, with outstanding finishes in all cases.

Charms for bags or for whatever you fancy

Another feature of these unique pieces is their versatility. Despite their name, they can be used to collect keys, but also for other decorative functions, exploiting their full potential as a fashion accessory. For example, they can just as easily be used as a charm for a bag or hanging from a handle, offering movement and dynamism. And they can be combined with any of our models, as their styles and characters go hand in hand.

It’s their versatility that makes them a true charm, achieving symbolic and emotional value as an amulet, beyond its stylistic value. Therefore, it works great as an original and unexpected gift, something you would only give to a truly special person in your life.

Whether you use it as a traditional keychain or as a charm for a bag, this Lafloïd accessory will make an impact on your look and in your heart. Don't pass it by.