Small Wallets


Personalised Leather Wallet

Soho is the name of Lafloid's personalized leather wallets – they have the same cosmopolitan spirit as the iconic neighborhoods of New York and London. Designed with a minimalist and elegant touch, owning one is a decisive statement to the world: it denotes sensitivity to the smallest detail and the desire to truly stand out from the rest. 

Elegance in each millimeter

With the Soho custom leather wallet, elegance and style are concentrated in a few square millimeters. Despite its small size (10.5 x 7 cm), this accessory exudes character and exclusivity.

Its design is simple and clean, pure and elegant, whatever the color you choose. Because luxury is expressed, above all, in the taste for small details and in the perfection of the entire look, including the smallest accessory. Plus, the added value of its utility and organizational capacity, with an opening for three cards and the possibility of carrying it in a pocket, bag or large purse.

Calfskin, a sensory pleasure

In addition to its visually appealing design, this wallet is exciting to the touch. It's made of grained calfskin, with a black lambskin lining. Its surface is so attractive that holding it in your hands is truly pleasurable. And the same goes for the aroma that this exclusive piece exudes: a perfumed sensation of purity, craftsmanship and tradition, which you will experience from the moment it presents itself to you.

This is the true magic of the brand's articles, an art that Lafloid embodies to perfection. All pieces are crafted by artisans who, stitch by stitch and cut by cut, carry the exclusive Made in Spain seal. Because luxury is felt in the highest-quality raw materials, but also in the mastery of one's techniques, in love for one's work and in the constant search for perfection.

Personalisation, the icing on the cake

At Lafloid, to achieve maximum exclusivity, we know that elegant design, artisanal technique and the quality of the leather are not enough. We give you the chance to create your own personalized leather wallet, for example with the combination of an evocative message based on monogramming up to 3 letters and illustrations from our collection.

Exclusivity goes hand in hand with the Soho wallet, which will organically fit into an elegant set of items. That's the power of real luxury leather. That’s the power of Lafloid.