Personalised iPhone cases

Technology and elegance altogether

iPhone leather cases

iPhone leather cases bring the ultimate touch to this smartphone: supreme exclusivity. Apple’s smartphone stops being merely an electronic device to become one more element of your look, personsalisable in different ways from our website.

Technology becomes elegance

The latest technology can also be elegant. And Lafloid proves it with its leather cases, designed to give the iPhone a unique character. In addition to protecting the device, they send a statement out to the world about the style of the wearer: attention to every detail, search for perfection and passion for luxury.

These leather cases are available for the different models of the Apple smartphone, from the iPhone 7 to the latest models. An unbeatable way to add elegance and personality to the latest technology, integrating into a look where all the elements fit together harmoniously.

Electronic luxury and traditional luxury

The latest cutting edge and oldest tradition are fully complementary in our. This premium quality material, a true hallmark of Lafloid, becomes a second, exclusive layer for this electronic device.

The grained calfskin provides the perfect counterpoint to the screen: a different softness and a different touch experience, but just as exciting to touch with the fingers – you won’t be able to stop caressing its surface. Something that is only possible when the treatment of the best raw materials is truly handmade, when every millimeter of this iconic piece is finished with the utmost delicacy. And so it is with these Lafloid cases.

Personalisation reaches new heights

A leather iPhone case with initials is an original and differentiating detail. But if this case is made of the highest quality leather and designed by Lafloid, the result is simply sublime: a way to bring customisation to its maximum expression and to give an emotional component to this electronic device

At Lafloid it is possible to modify different aspects of the design to achieve this goal. Our website gives you the option of creating a leather iPhone case with the initials of a name, but also with numbers and symbols to create a distinguishing hallmark. In addition, exclusive illustrations, designed by artists and craftsmen, can be added so that the case matches other Lafloid elements in the look, such as a bag or a wallet.

All in different colors and tones so that this smartphone, now a fashion accessory, is fully in tune with the outfit. Our case is available for the iPhone 7 model, and soon for the iPhone 12. At Lafloid, this possibility is synonymous with elegance, luxury, style and pride.