Handle bag | Silencio

Classic, Contemporany and Powerful

SILENCIO. Leather Handle Bag.

Silence is the balance between past and future. The perfect mix between luxury and elegance, modernity and eternity. A premium quality leather handle bag, with a touch that offers an indescribable pleasure and an aroma that evokes the tradition of world-class leather goods. The Made in Spaintradition, which our master craftsmen have ably brought to the present and which Lafloid puts at your fingertips.

The thunderous cry of Silencio

Silencio is much more than Lafloid’s latest handle bag. It is nothing less than the confirmation of a style, of an attitude. A return to the past to build the fashion of the future. A thunderous cry in the world of luxury, a world where we raise our game doing the things we do best: creating an accessory with unmistakable lines, perfectly balanced and full of personality. An irreplaceable accessory.

Its design is classic and modern at the same time, with simple, pure and defined volumes, and details that are full of genius and magic. For example, its brass clasp partially covered in leather and plated in 2 microns of 24k gold. Or its iconic chain, which gives movement and character to the piece.

Timeless design... for a brand new era

In this perfect combination of past and future, the key lies is the present. We have created for this timeless and eternal handle bag, yet anchored in a brand new era: our current era. An icon of the breaking of stagnant codes and the writing of a new language in which, paradoxically, the first word is Silencio. Silencio is an accessory which, when carried by hand, denotes determination and strength. It denotes taking the reins. And inside, the available space is enough to house all the items that a dynamic woman needs to have nearby, with no limitations and full of curiosity.

Leather goods become pieces of art

Silencio is an accessory that doesn’t just conquer by sight. Owning this leather handle bag is a sensory experience, one with the unmistakable stamp of the highest-quality leather. In this case, and as in all Lafloid items, we have used a combination of smooth, granulated calfskin for the exterior and lambskin on the interior.

This handle bag offers the magical and seductive touch of a caress. And the vintage aroma of fine leather goods, which we have elevated to the category of art, always Made in Spain. Something only our master craftsmen could do, working each model manually to turn it into an object of irrepressible desire.

And it will become uniquely yours once you add any of our customisation options. On our website you can select letters and numbers for monogramming or lettering, completing the personalisation process and turning Silencio into a piece that is uniquely you.

Silencio will easily find a place in your look, your style and your way of being. It will have an unmistakeable effect on your life, all without uttering a single word.