Laptop case

Alex Rivière x Lafloid

Alex Rivière x Lafloid collection is an exclusive laptop case that brings together the hightest quality of our products and our leather with the elegance and classy design of Alex Rivière. We can personalise your laptop case and make it yours to be part of the final design. The result is an exclusive and unique laptop leather case.

This exclusive personalisable leather laptop case arises from a strong friendship and mutual admiration between Lafloïd and Alex Rivière. At Lafloid we consider Alex Rivière the ideal person that embodies our brand values based on her elegance, sophistication, and minimalistic style. With this in mind, we decided to approach her for this special project.

Alex Rivière has undoubtedly managed to transfer her style to all the elements that make up this exceptional personalised leather laptop case, conceived for both women and men.


Right from the beginning, the aim was to create an accessory that was both stylish and functional. We decided to add a handle so that it can be easy to wear, without giving up on that extra chic touch we all value to round off any outfit.  

A unique piece that shares the premium design, finishes and details of all our Lafloid personalisable leather bags and accessories, while adding Alex´ distinctive aesthetics and personal touch.


The two optional colours for the laptop case, carefully chosen with Alex, are Black, representing sobriety and distinction, and Chocolate, which has proved to be the trendiest colour this season. It was a very careful selection based on versatility of both colours, that combine easily with any look, and their unisex nature.


The result is an elegant piece of the most exceptional quality, crafted in smooth leather and conceived to last forever, based on both its resistance and timeless style. The Macbook case will make your tech accessory stand out with an exclusive and unique style.


Alex Rivère x Lafloid leather laptop case has been designed to hold and protect your laptop, Macbook, documents or any other essential elements for your day to day.  And keep in mind that you can make it unique by personalising the case handle!