A most artistic nautical fashion collection

La Mer, the nautical fashion collection, has now arrived to Lafloïd accessories. Seashells, coral, crabs and sea urchins make their appearance among the brand’s accessories, making them the perfect accompaniment for any moment and any season, not just summer. Nautical elements which bring back memories of the seaside are always successful due to their timeliness and popularity.

Dora Sicart, designer and fashion consultant, and the art and photography director for various brands, has managed to bring the sea to leather accessories in the most brilliant and creative way. Sicart understands creativity as a limitless universe through which one can express oneself and connect with others.

This collection which recalls and conjures up the sea, connects nature lovers with the simpler things. After months of not being able to gaze upon the sea, the designer wanted to bring water and nautical motifs to everyone, so they could enjoy the creativeness of a sea urchin or a starfish on a hand bag, an iPhone case or a wallet.

All the accessories can be customised with maritime motifs stamped on calfskin, one of the most exclusive leathers. Shells, crabs, coral, jellyfish, starfish and sea urchins are the designs which transport the ocean and sea life to the accessories, creating a fusion of art, nature and luxury in the collection.