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Article: The new luxury: now and then

El nuevo lujo: un ayer y hoy

The new luxury: now and then

How times have changed! What was regarded as luxury in the 20th century  and even in the beginning of the 21st has now acquired a completely different meaning. Today´s luxury has acquired the name of New Luxury, and fashion is one of the areas beneath the luxury umbrella which has experienced the sector´s metamorphosis. Giving the subject some though, we have come to the conclusion that we should not be surprised that luxury fashion has changed so dramatically: fashion is an extremely complicated social practice, largely governed by the events of the historical moment in which we are living. Therefore, remaining a faithful mirror of today´s society, it is only logical that the meaning and implications of Luxury Fashion have been reinvented over time.

The New Luxury is not about the latest market developments, but about what concerns us as a society. The value of things has been redefined, leaving aside prices and purchasing power, and focusing on culture, community, the values ​​we share, and the possibility of aligning with those brands that are capable of aligning with our points of view. Consumers today expect all of this, along with the high quality of products, and a certain degree of cultural credibility of their purchases.

Being household names or historically recognized brands is no longer enough for consumers, we want luxury products for what they really are and what the brands behind them represent. What materials do they use? Are they handmade or produced in Chinese factories? Do they respect the environment? Do I share the brand´s values? Nowadays are main concern is buying luxury products that align with how we think and see the world.
Lafloïd is created under the explained above parameters, the New Luxury parameters: quality and craftsmanship come together, to create bags for unique women, with a free mind, where the power to choose governs each of her steps. The old luxury remains in the past and functions solely as a source of inspiration, keeping the creativity and passion that inspired the great masters of past ages, to create a brand for today's woman.

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