Inspired by solarpunk and urban utopias we have created our new concept: TECHTURE, combining TECHnology and naTURE. We have returned to the basics of our heritage by simplifying our identity and recovering orange as the artery of our family essence.

Adapting to the moment in which we live, where brands are purer and more human. We are also becoming aware of our impact. A longer-term impact, of qualities above fashions and creating leather products that live through generations. Little by little looking for more sustainability in our actions, our products and our community.


At LAFLOID we have made a paradigm shift in our identity. We have jumped into a new space that unites nature and innovation. We keep on betting on the best quality materials and a customization technology that poses scenarios unthinkable to date.


From the Mediterranean, but an urban Mediterranean, bold and consistent with the reality in which we live. Optimistic but not idealizing; and above all a Mediterranean for everyone.

At LAFLOID we want to give that space to creators, artisans and consumers to draw our brand together. Being participants in continuous change and creating worlds that radiate optimism to the city.