Our heritage


It was Spring in 1962 when successful businessman J.B.C., in his early 40s and an expert in the world of perfumery, was enjoying a walk around “Rue du Fabourg Saint-Honoré” in Paris. Everybody stared at him, not only due to his good looks, being tall and handsome, but also due to his eye-catching pink snakeskin boots. His refinement and charm certainly drew all attention.
The city was enjoying quite a magical time. A golden period where glamour, luxury and secret parties where the norm. J.B.C. was on his way to the Hotel Le Meurice to meet his old friend and fellow citizen Salvador Dalí. The artist had organized a most extravagant event inviting friends, poets, artists and businessmen from all around Europe and the Parisian Boheme, to discuss current affairs and sell some of his artworks.

A large table with a huge pile of bananas dominated the room. Elegantly dressed, Dali encouraged guests entering the room “Dear friends, please take your favourite piece of fruit!”

In this same ballroom, J.B.C. met a most promising young man that had just started a haute couture brand with his colleague Y.S.L.

Staring at his boots, P.B. approached joking around and introduced himself. A lively and interesting discussion developed where they shared their views on different businesses, mainly around cosmetics and fashion.

P.B. confided to his new acquaintance that success in the luxury world resided not only on design and their quality, but mainly on exclusivity and how one projects it the form of freedom across a wide spectrum of choices.

That conversation sank deep in J.B.C. Years later, those two business partners became a world reference in the world of fashion.

J.B.C. was my grandfather, and the creativity, attitude, passion and world changing desires shown by these historical characters were the key pillars of inspiration that moved my husband and I to launch Lafloid.
With Lafloid, the magic created in that special room remains…


Lafloid is not only an exceptional handbag and accessory brand. The historical background, and people behind it, turn it into a new way of looking at life, of doing things and conveying key values.

In Lafloid we believe that luxury lies in the freedom anyone has to communicate and express themselves through our bags. It is the only way for our values to make sense, leaving your landmark in each piece and turning it into something unique.

We love open minded individuals that know what they want, regardless of how conventional they are, people who like to take risks and are not tied exclusively to what the large brands have to offer. In short, people with style, non-conformist and free.
Lafloid people.


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