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This is us

This is Janina & Kim, Lafloid founders and life partners


Inspired by the temper and orange high perfumery of our ancestors, we decided to start designing natural leather personalisable pieces, with personalisation becoming our key focus to turn it into our main distinctive factor.

Lafloid was initially conceived as a mix of “savoir faire” and the new digital and sustainable era, and our personal vision and touch. It was created not only with fashion lovers in mind, but rather thinking of people that value “things well done”.


Lafloid is an essential part of who we are, and that's the reason we put so much effort in giving the best of ourselves and taking care of every step with all our true love and devotion.

Adapting to the moment in which we live, where brands are purer and more human. We are also becoming aware of our impact. A longer-term impact, of qualities above fashions and creating leather products that live through generations, looking for more sustainability in everything we do.


Recently in our search to move away from the top fashion brands rules, we have come up with our personal concept: TECHTURE, a new space where TECHnology and naTURE come together, and creativity, aroma, touch, and personality are the main characters. We keep on betting on the best quality materials and a personalisable technology that poses scenarios unthinkable to date.


We were born and raised in Barcelona, a Mediterranean city that has had a significant influence in everything we've done so far. An urban Mediterranean, bold and consistent with the reality in which we live. Optimistic but not idealizing; and above all a Mediterranean for everyone.

At LAFLOID we want to give that space to creators, artisans and consumers to draw our brand together. Being participants in continuous change and creating worlds that radiate optimism to the city.