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Article: 5 trendy spring looks - LAFLOÏD

5 looks primaverales para marcar tendencia - LAFLOÏD

5 trendy spring looks - LAFLOÏD

5 trendy looks to welcome Spring

Would you like to discover the trendiest spring looks for this upcoming season? Following is an overview of the most relevant trends as portrayed in the recent fashion weeks, plus some combination tips Lafloïd style.

Endless colour combinations

The first highlight is the fact that spring arrives full of eye-catching colours, and colour-blocking as trendy as ever. The coming hot season offers the best opportunity to open up and give life to all those wild combinations that you never dared before.

Oversize: Your most faithful wardrobe companion.

Oversize is a trend that comes and goes. You can already glimpse it around town and don´t doubt that it´s here to stay. Allegra can be your perfect ally to counterbalance large volumes with a small bag.

Miniskirts are back!

You´ve probably already seen that Miu Miu miniskirt around, and yes! miniskirts are back with renewed strength. If you don´t feel confident enough to wear them, introduce Silencio and it will surely become your outfit highlight.

Floral prints. The spring look by definition.

We all love floral prints and this season they come in all shapes and colours, more and less flashy, with large and small flowers. Recover those floral print pieces and place them in an accessible place in your wardrobe. Wear them with style, maybe with a bag such as Jane, where you can hold all you need while providing your look with some breathing space.

Stripes are also a valid alternative.

Stripes are also all over the place this season. And in this case, the best accessory is our La Cesta basket, as yes! we anticipate that La Cesta will be back in a couple of months. Stay alert to our messages so you don´t miss out. It´s going to be an essential this coming season!

There will be many more trends arriving gradually as the season gets warmer, but we hope this initial compilation can help you become your town´s Carrie Bradshaw.

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