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Article: Discover the haircuts taking the world by storm in 2022 - LAFLOÏD

Descubre los cortes de pelo que están arrasando en 2022 - LAFLOÏD

Discover the haircuts taking the world by storm in 2022 - LAFLOÏD

Haircuts taking the world by storm in 2022

Are you looking for a radical makeover? It all starts with a new look. Something fresh and daring that takes you away from your comfort zone and daily routines. We´d like to share some haircut proposals that are setting the world alight this year.

Discover the haircut you most identify with:

Short Bobs

Bob haircuts have been hot for years. Length varies from year to year and in 2022 short bobs chin length are getting full support. But don´t mistake it with a pixie! An easy to manage, comfortable and fresh hair style that is totally versatile. Depending on your make-up it can give you from a rebel to a most sophisticated look.

All types of fringes

A good fringe can give your face a 360º turn. Moreover, this year they´re in as ever, and in all their forms! Straight, irregular or minis, being the curtain type the most followed among the it-girls. In any case, a hairstyle that will give your look a lot of movement.

Carefree hairstyles

If you´re a curly girl, you´re going to love this option. Use your favourite products and let it dry freely, but above all, forget about looking for the perfect curl! This year hair should be let free! With a mullet type haircut if you like it short, or a wolf cut if you prefer medium length.

Super straight hairstyles

For those extra-long hair lovers, Barbie will be your total inspiration to show off an impeccable finish, with which you will certainly be the centre of all eyes. It will be as trendy as ever.

These are some of the trends you will see throughout the year, but in the end, it´s best if you adapt it to your own personality. Combine it your way, taking inspiration from here and there, and you will surely achieve the perfect makeover.

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