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Article: Say yes to Colour Blocking pink and red!

¡Di sí al color block o combinación de colores rosa y rojo!

Say yes to Colour Blocking pink and red!

How many times have you heard that pink and red don´t match at all? This colour combination has always been, for most people, peculiar, and even clashing, but in the last years a new ground-breaking trend known as Colour Blocking has arisen to question traditional colour rules.
In this post we´d like to tell you a bit more about this growing trend and give you some tips for you to create your own Colour Blocks and help to break this myth once and for all.

The beginnings of Colour Blocking with pink and red

Pink and red colour blocking started to see the light in 2019, when renown luxury brands such as Isabel Marant, Carolina Herrera or Loewe came up with new proposals based on this type of colour combinations. From little colour touches in their accessories to combining garments in their proposed outfits. From this moment on, many brands decided to use this controversial colour pairing in their collections, driving a trend that is now here to stay.

Tips to create your own Colour Block looks

Currently you can find eye catching tones and prints in basically any store. However, not everyone has been bold enough to get onboard this new trend. If you feel up to the challenge, we recommend you start by adding little colour strokes to your outfits.
It´s probably easiest to think of your main accessory: your bag, and this will help you build a winning combination. Choose for example our bag Jane in Burgundy, an all-purpose bag for your day to day that will help you add an edgy touch to any outfit. You can wear it with a pair of jeans, a sweater in total pink or prints with this lovely colour, and you´ll have a special and very trendy outfit in your hands.
Another example could be choosing an off-white sweater with some pink details, add a red scarf, or give it a twist with an accessory such as the Roma bag in burgundy.

The opportunities are endless, and we encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and start choosing bolder colour combinations. Experience has taught us that one fun side of fashion is precisely breaking the rules. Because at the end of the day, who decides what looks right and what will be the upcoming trends? The leading brands and the runways provide us with a general outlook of the key trends that will come to the stores in the following months. The fun, however, comes from how you play to turn it into something with which you can identify and feel comfortable, by taking these trends to your own grounds creating your own unique style.

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