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Article: What is fast fashion and what impact is it having on the environment

Qué es la fast fashion y qué impacto tiene en el medioambiente

What is fast fashion and what impact is it having on the environment

We’ve often heard the term “fast fashion” being mentioned, but do you really know what it means and how it´s having a direct effect on the environment?
We all like to keep up to the latest fashions, follow trends and be updated on what’s on each season. The great impact that social networks are having on our daily lives make us constantly alert of the latest trends, triggering an ongoing desire to purchase new clothes at the shortest timespan.
The large fast fashion enterprises work under the premise of producing in large quantities, and not necessarily quality, so they generate large volumes of clothes that bring new collections to the stores every week. These are, in essence, trendy garments inspired by luxury designs at an affordable cost, that we will probably end up wearing a few times and will soon disappear from our wardrobe.
This new cycle of overproduction of garments has had a major impact on the environment, not to mention how it is negatively affecting the working conditions of the people manufacturing them. They are usually people in third world countries with precarious working conditions that allow the stores to receive clothes at the shortest time.

What can we do to help put an end to the environmental impact of fast fashion?

One of the most feasible solutions to end this enormous environmental impact is what is known as sustainable fashion. On the opposite to fast fashion, sustainable fashion or slow fashion, is a sector of the fashion industry that takes into account the economic, social and environmental costs of fashion production.
Companies in this segment help carry out a sustainable fashion, by avoiding mass productions, and as a result not harming neither people nor the environment or, ultimately, the entire world.
However, it is important to keep in mind that although there are more and more sustainable fashion companies, a change in the way society consumes is necessary so that we all start thinking of investing in things that have been designed to last a long time.

Lafloïd, a good example of sustainable fashion

At Lafloïd we design timeless pieces and work with top quality materials, in order to create durable products that have been designed to last a lifetime.
All our products have been 100% handmade in Spain by the most renown professionals in the industry. We always apply sustainable practices, following the slow fashion model, and ensuring that all processes comply with global quality and environmental standards.
Ultimately, we can honestly say that Lafloïd contributes to sustainable fashion, by always recommending responsible purchases, and keeping in mind the well-being of both our planet and all the people that contribute to allow us to have top quality garments and accessories.  

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