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Lafloid collections are illustrations made to give personality to your case. Each collection is unique and full of surprises, choose your favorite design to have a unique and fun phone case!


Empowerment collection

We like to think that Women’s Day is every day. Therefore, this collection is ideal to remind yourself or your bestie, what you are worth. Yes, every day - we all forget sometimes-. 

A collection that is born from the strength and the motivation you need every day. Inspired by strong women and aimed at leading women. 


The boldest and most ironic stickers from Lafloid ideal for any occasion. 

Having a bad day? Put on the case “If Britney survived 2007, you can handle today”. 

A Wednesday that feels like Monday? “Siri, skip to Friday”.  

What time is it? “It’s Gin o’clock

These and much more for all the sassiest girls.


The perfect gift for the most rebellious and bold girls, succeed at any birthday party with these ideal and fun cases. 

For yourself or as a gift, birthdays have never been this fun with the Birthday Wishes collection. 


For all of us who base our personality and events on astrology, this case is for you.

Feel proud of your zodiac sign and personalize your case with the most stellar collection.