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Lafloid leather cases are made from a selection of materials of natural origin. Please keep in mind that leather requires good care in order to get the most benefit from it and its correct maintenance will depend on its good use.


  • Avoid rubbing or friction to a large extent, for example, with pockets
  • Keep in mind that calfskin cases require more care than cases made of other materials such as plastics or silicone. For this reason, the leather can suffer alterations or tears when forcefully impacting the ground.
  • If the product gets wet, it should be dried with a soft cloth
  • Protect the product from direct and prolonged exposure to light, heat, rain or humidity (including cosmetic products)
  • To clean the product, use a soft cloth with circular movements
  • It is recommended to protect and take care of the leather with specific products for leather treatment
  • The resistance of our covers has been testes by our production teams on numerous occasions, however, over time the leather may naturally show signs of wear.