Made in Spain, with Lafloïd’s DNA

Leather Bag Straps.

Lafloid leather shoulder straps add a lot to our accessories and your style. Although they don’t usually have as much prominence as other pieces of a look, our brand has managed to create them with the non-conformist and elegant character that defines us. In addition to expanding the versatility of our bags, they are completely in tune with them. If you like your style to be impeccable from the main garment to the smallest detail, you cannot ignore these pieces.

Guitar Strap

Personalisable granulated calfskin

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Made in Spain, with Lafloid’s DNA

These leather bag straps handles carry Lafloid’s DNA, made with materials of excellent quality and with our own unique style. The granulated calfskin is our hallmark and specifically in these pieces it extends throughout the entire piece. Its smoothness and roughness have their complement and, at the same time, their counterpoint in lambskin, as it is often used in other parts of the designs.

In addition, the presence of metallic appliqués in light gold tones or even gold-plated, perfectly complete the product.

The designs are also striking: at times rebellious, at times exclusive, with a rock soul paired with minimalist lines.Some of our leather shoulder straps are actually inspired by those used by the world’s greatest guitarists, achieving a sophisticated touch that will immediately influence your look.

A rebellious and daring vibe created by the world’s best artisans whose work, in our, is nothing less than sublime, as well as being world-class in terms of sustainability. Lafloid is proud of them and is inspired by the devotion to their work, producing for us unique and unrepeatable items.

The elegant versatility of crossbody bags with a leather shoulder straps

With our leather bag straps, the debate between versatility and elegance is finally settled: these pieces with great personality add extra functionality to the bags in our catalogue so you can wear them according to your style. Now you can choose if you prefer wearing it on the shoulder, crossed or on the back, without being conditioned by the design.

In addition, you can bring out your most transgressive side by exchanging these straps between your bags, creating striking contrasts and unexpected results in Lafloid accessories. The leathers that our artisans work with are the leitmotif of our brand, so the combinations are endless and have only one limit: your imagination.

But what will really give a distinctive touch to your strap, your bag and, ultimately, your look are the personalisation possibilities to be found on our website. You can engrave initials, lettering or exclusive illustrations in gold or silver, so that not a single detail is left untouched in your outfits.

If every day is a new occasion to enhance your way of being and your tastes in fashion, Lafloid belts are here to lend a hand. Don’t miss this opportunity.