Find your perfect christmas gift at Lafloïd

With Christmas just around the corner we would like to share some proposals to surprise the people that are most...

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Who was the first woman in history to carry a handbag?

The handbag—a woman’s most loyal accessory – dates back longer than one would think. It’s a practical, elegant and...

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The bag you can’t be without

A handbag, the accessory above all others, can turn any look around. It makes the perfect complement, as it comes in...

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Make a splash with this summer’s swimsuit

Choosing a swimsuit is one of the most important decisions of the season.  A swimsuit is one of the most –if not the...

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The most iconic models in the history of fashion

The pull of iconic models still remains strong. Many of those who retired from the catwalks are far from forgotten...

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A most artistic nautical fashion collection

La Mer, the nautical fashion collection, has now arrived to Lafloïd accessories. Seashells, coral, crabs and sea...

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