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Article: Behind the Sassy Quotes Collection - LAFLOID

Detrás de la colección Sassy Quotes - LAFLOID

Behind the Sassy Quotes Collection - LAFLOID

Few know what is hidden behind the new Sassy Quotes collection, so we want to tell you a little about the essence of each illustration. All the illustrations have something in common: the daring and ironic character. These traits are also some of those that best define our essence.

If Britney survived 2007, you can handle today

If after the severe nervous breakdown that Britney suffered, her singing career did not collapse, it means that you can overcome a bad day. Sometimes it is necessary to relativize the things that happen to us, see the positive side and make the best of each situation.

Hello 911? I'm on fire

This is the hottest illustration aimed at those who like to bet on the most risky. Sometimes it is difficult to control our impulses, but even more so when there is attraction involved. Whenever you find yourself in this situation, you already know that you can call 911 ;).

It's Gin o'clock

Gin is our team's favorite occasional drink. When our party personality awakens, it is always a good time to have a Gin. It is our best-selling sticker, which shows that there are also many other fans like us. Why fool ourselves, with a Gin the world looks better.

In the mood for fun

Life would be nothing without a little spark. At Lafloid we really enjoy our work, but without a doubt, we love to have fun. We never lack that mood, in fact, it is the personality that best defines us.

If you think I hate you, I probably do

Don't take it personally, we are specialists in using sarcasm. Without a doubt, it is another way to have fun and face many situations with humor. But if he thinks you hate him, he's probably not wrong!

Me as a therapist, lol same

Have you ever been told a story that sounds familiar to you about something and, instead of giving advice, do you feel so identified with it that you are left without an answer? If it happens to your bestie too, you already know what customization to recommend.

Siri skip to Friday

There are weeks and weeks, although we are almost always looking forward to Friday so we can rest, go out with friends, see family or take a short getaway. Siri still can't achieve this, although it wouldn't be bad if they added this feature in the next update.

Adulting is soup and I'm the fork

Nobody said becoming an adult was going to be easy. If you sometimes have the feeling that you and adult life are not compatible, this sticker is undoubtedly made for you.

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