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Article: Christmas Gift Guide - LAFLOID

Gift Guide de Navidad - LAFLOID

Christmas Gift Guide - LAFLOID

Do you want to succeed this year with your Christmas gifts? At Lafloid, we teach you the key to surprising your loved ones. We know first-hand how difficult it is to make different and original gifts, since they often materialize our show of affection. This complexity of decision, together with the lack of ideas, usually leads to buying gifts at the last minute without much background reasoning.

We know that your environment deserves the most exclusive gifts, with a guarantee of the highest quality. For this reason, we have decided to prepare a perfect personalized gift guide for you, regardless of your recipient.

For her

Every day is a reason for women to celebrate, but Christmas is one of the most special. Whether it is for the mother who has taken care of you all your life, the sister who is always on your side, the demanding girlfriend, the aunt who makes you laugh the most or the grandmother who spoils you the most, choosing any of these recommendations will fit. perfectly with them.

The perfect option for those women with class, ambition and demand is Silencio, which in addition to being our masterpiece, is the best wardrobe item. Sophistication and exclusivity are its main qualities.

Allegra is another of our most precious pieces, with a mix of versatility and elegance, it is perfect to take anywhere. The three colors included in our collection allow it to be easily combined with any winter look.

If you are looking for practicality, Jane is your bag. It is the most iconic oversized of our products. Its size allows functionality to be one of its distinctive qualities. It fits with those more daring personalities with a unique rock soul style.

Finally, if you are looking for a more technological personalized accessory, you can opt for our iPhone cases along with our straps. Without a doubt, it is a gift that adds elegance and practicality, in addition to the multiple customization options that make each piece unique.

For him

It is always difficult to find a gift that fits them. But if this year you want to surprise him with something that really excites him, this gift guide is yours, a selection of products inspired by the appreciation we have for our parents, brothers, uncles, grandparents, friends and partners. Any of these options will become your best ally this Christmas.

If the lucky one is a sophisticated workaholic with a minimalist style, Alex Riviere Laptop is the perfect complement for you. It is a timeless piece of excellent quality, perfect for bringing elegance everywhere.

If you don't want to fail, a sure hit will be the Zen Zippered, our star and most chic wallet. It stands out for its comfort and design, its size is perfect and allows multiple customization options.

For those who take care of every detail, the ideal gift will be the AirPods Pro Case, an option that includes both protection and functionality. It can also be combined with an iPhone Case with the same color and customization.

You can look for more inspiration on our product page, there you will surely find the option that best fits your Christmas gift, and don't forget to personalize it to give it the most special touch!

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