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Article: Make a splash with this summer’s swimsuit

El bañador que triunfa en la playa

Make a splash with this summer’s swimsuit

Choosing a swimsuit is one of the most important decisions of the season. A swimsuit is one of the most –if not the most--essential items in your summer wardrobe, and selecting the perfect style and colour for each body requires time. Nevertheless, there are styles with which you can never go wrong. One of them is the high-cut swimsuit, which has the effect of lengthening the legs and making them look slimmer. On the other hand, a V- neck is ideal for making a figure look smaller and balancing proportion.

The perfect suit is composed of simple lines, one solid colour or two colours (such as the always eye-catching black and white.) The simplicity of the lines highlights the elegance and femininity of the figure and shows off a tan. As for necklines, V-necks and asymmetrical ones are two that stand out. While the V-neck highlights the neckline and the collarbones, the asymmetrical neckline draws attention to the shoulder. If you want to stylise your figure, opt for a swimsuit with a low back.

One of the beachwear fashion trends is frills, which adds some movement to the figure. Frills never go out of style. The most popular prints are small polka dots and black and white gingham. The two-tone checks of this print are a sure winner. Yellows and greens are the solid colours which stand out the most, and if smocked, even more so.

The combination of lines, design, colour, necklines and prints define the perfect swimsuit with which to make a splash at the beach. Our recommendations are: simple lines, a high cut, a V-front, gingham or a print, or a solid colour and frills. Triumph guaranteed!

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