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Article: Laptop case Alex Rivière x Lafloïd

Funda de ordenador portátil Alex Rivière x Lafloïd

Laptop case Alex Rivière x Lafloïd

This project arises from a strong friendship and mutual admiration between Lafloïd and Alex Rivière, for us an ideal person that embodies our brand values based on her elegance, sophistication and discretion.

Right from the beginning the aim was to create an accessory that was both stylish and functional and thus able to turn into an essential piece for the day-to-day, while adding that extra chic touch we all value to round off any outfit. With this in mind, the idea arises in the form of a laptop case: handy, essential and useful. It had to be a piece that met the requirements of any of our current bags and accessories: design, meticulous finishes and little details, combined with Alex´ distinctive aesthetics.

This was quite a challenge that was approached over months of work with some of the best professionals in the industry, giving life to an exceptional laptop case that brings together the best of both parties. Throughout the entire creative process, the key was to depict that easy going elegance while maintaining above all the exceptional quality that is so characteristic in Lafloïd.

Each piece has been crafted according to the highest industry standards in terms of premium quality materials and production process, always 100% handmade by the most renown professionals in the industry.

The two optional colours for the laptop case, carefully chosen with Alex, are Black, representing sobriety and distinction, and Chocolate, which has proved to be the trendiest colour this season.

It was a very careful selection based on versatility, so that it can easily combine with any look, and can be worn by both women and men.

The case has a useful handle that can be personalised with your initials, to round off this unique piece.

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