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Article: The most versatile summer basket La Cesta - LAFLOID

La Cesta más versátil del verano - LAFLOID

The most versatile summer basket La Cesta - LAFLOID

Lafloid’s La Cesta is the most desired summer wicker basket for the second consecutive year.

An extremely versatile accessory whose functionality goes beyond a mere beach bag. Get inspired by our favourite influencers, each wearing it in very different occasions: from a day out with friends, on holiday in Italy or Greece, for a stroll around the city or a fun boat party. And the truth is, they all look great.

Here’s a brief summary of their personalisation options to create their own unique leather Lafloid palm leaf and leather basket.

“Stamped lettering” personalisation

The most basic and classic option that never fails: Stamped lettering. As always there are 4 personalisation options available. Gold, a clear favourite as showcased by Julieta Padrós, Coco Constans or Marta Escoda. Others, such as Belén Hostalet, have opted for a blind or colourless option. A discreet alternative to create a totally unique wicker basket, with a subtle personalisation. You may also choose a silver stamping, always great over marine, or a rose gold that looks fabulous over a cotton leather surface.

“Colour lettering” personalisation

Coloured stamping initials have also been a very popular choice, selecting not only different tones, but also size and typography. The size mini tends to be the most discreet and favourite, for example combined with Modern typography by Alex Rivière and Juan Avellaneda. Others, such as Anna F. Padilla, Claire Rose or Darina Gritsenko have opted for Classic, a clear representation of the name itself.

On the other hand, the large letter size is the option chosen by more daring influencers, such as Ares Aixalà, who has marked her initials in Classic, or Marta Sierra’s beautiful La Cesta with Modern typography in the trendy colour Mango.

“Handwritten” personalisation

Tina Rodríguez set a trend with her Lafloid Cesta “Tina’s Beach Bag” in Rebel typography. We’ve had many requests for own “beach bags”, and other influencers have opted to have their basket according to this style such as Meri Lozano, Sandra Gago or Abigale Masters.

The best news is that this summer we’ve added new colours to this typography, and you can now try new combinations such as the colour Blue Sky over La Cesta Marine, or Orange over La Cesta Cotton.

Others have decided to go standard with no personalisation such as Rosa Copado, Anna Astrup or Elise Bak. However, at Lafloid, we personally love the chance to add that personal touch and customize and create our own unique pieces, with for example an illustration with your own horoscope.

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