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Article: The latest trend when it comes to traveling? Personalization

¿La última tendencia a la hora de viajar? Personalizar

The latest trend when it comes to traveling? Personalization

During these weeks of confinement, many of us are dreaming about all of the traveling we will be doing once the crisis is over and we are back to our regular lives; partly, because there is no better stimulation for our imagination than the four walls of our bedroom, where we have been locked up for the past days. Be it to a town nearby, a beach in the middle of nowhere, or the city that has been on your bucket list forever, whatever the situation, a suitable outfit is required, with a representative bag and matching accessories. Therefore, for these long days ahead, we propose preparing you future traveling outfits to be absolutely ready to take your luggage and run to your next destination once this is over.

The latest trend when it comes to traveling? Customisation

No matter how much we change the people and setting that make up the destination to which we are heading, we want to maintain our identity intact: translate everything that makes us unique and special from one place to another. Explore new corners, discover exotic cultures, and of course, not lose our essence, brought to its maximum expression through our unique style, which sets us apart from the rest.

Personalised bags are the most representative way to achieve this goal, and undoubtedly a trend that we have been seeing in the streets for some time now. We want to have unique objects that represent us and only us, were the object carries a small piece of ourselves in its aesthetic design. In addition, personalization speaks of the creativity of the author and owner of the garment, giving an artistic quality to the person who carries it with them. For these reasons, we are not surprised that the top fashion personalities, fashionistas, publishers, and celebrities, usually wear their clothes in this fashion when traveling, often with their initials engraved in their bags, elevating the quality of the product they carry with them.

This year, don't stay behind; in your next trip, open this spring-summer season with a representative piece that talks about yourself: a large bag, a card holder, or an envelope, decorated with the engravings, colors, and illustrations of your preference, creating a faithful representation of your personality. These compliments will become adventure companions, and witnesses of your best experiences, of a trip to remember.


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