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Article: Why each Lafloïd leather bag is a unique piece

Por qué los bolsos de piel Lafloïd son una pieza única

Why each Lafloïd leather bag is a unique piece

Why each Lafloïd leather bag is a unique piece

A bag is probably the accessory we enjoy buying the most. Choosing a unique design & colour and making up multiple look combinations in our head becomes a complex task, considering the endless alternatives we have nowadays.
The key is finding a unique and special piece able to meet all of our expectations, and for us, in order to simplify the options, it´s crystal clear: You can find no other accessory that meets the level of durability, style and comfort of a leather crafted bag.
Find below the main reasons all our leather bags are exclusive pieces.

1. Quality

Laffoïd´s most representative and differentiating motto is our Savoir Faire with regards to leather.
For us, the quality and craftwork of our goods are first priority. Lafloïd designs offer a unique and very special style as they will never feel outdated and, above all, because they have all been exquisitely crafted. All of our pieces follow the strictest quality standards and have been made by the hands of the most experienced and renown professionals in the industry.

2. Environmentally friendly

Nowadays you can find an endless number of bag designs and quality levels across stores. However, leather is one of the few materials that can guarantee an unmatched durability and quality. Another important highlight is the fact that it comes from a natural source, with no chemical processes applied. Unlike other materials such as plastic or synthetic leather, leather does not pollute the planet and the environment.
Therefore, when we purchase a leather bag, we pay a little bit more, not only due to the product quality, but also to face a responsible purchase and contribute to the preservation and improvement of the environment.

3. Craftsmanship

At Lafloïd, we handcraft our leather, and the quality of both material and creation process are key. We work hard to develop unique elegant designs that require a complex creation process, with every single piece made with the utmost dedication and attention to detail. We work with the top tanneries in the world, which we share with some of the best luxury brands, and strive to ensure a consistent unbeatable quality.
Our metallic pieces, and other ornaments decorating our designs, are also aligned with the highest quality benchmarks, to ensure long-lasting products regardless of usage and time.
Purchasing a premium quality bag is the best investment to ensure a unique product that can last forever. A good leather bag with a timeless design will always be in style.

If you value owning a piece that will be with you for life, check and you will find it in Lafloïd.

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