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Article: Discover our new brand image: TECHTURE. The new Lafloid - LAFLOID

Descubre nuestra nueva imagen: TECHTURE, the new Lafloid - LAFLOID

Discover our new brand image: TECHTURE. The new Lafloid - LAFLOID

Discover our new brand image: TECHTURE. The new Lafloid

Checking out if you´re in the right place is rather easy. You just need to consider if you feel at ease in your surroundings, and if you can freely be yourself with no external restrictions.

When one of these characteristics is missing one realises that maybe something is not quite right, and we don´t fit in as well as we should. This is a clear indication that you need a change of scenery.

Even if some may not agree, changes are not always bad. In fact, at Lafloid we´re sure that changes always come for the better. To improve and bring out the best of us.

One must learn to update and, even more important, to identify the right time to do so. We must learn that often these changes come, not because things are not right, but simply to find a place where we feel more ourselves.

¡We have updated!

At Lafloid we saw the need for a paradigm shift, a change of scenery and concept update. However, we are aware that we cannot forget our roots, which are above all the reason for our existence.

Our brand works exclusively with natural materials of the best quality, which are then combined with avant-garde technology and impeccable finishes to bring to life all our personalisation options.

AIt is with this in mind, and after a lot of thought, that TECHTURE comes to life. A concept that will follow us along this new path that we are now experiencing. Techture will be the starting point of our collective imagery in which we would like to involve us all.

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