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Article: Our summer basket La Cesta is available again - LAFLOID

El capazo de verano La Cesta vuelve a estar disponible - LAFLOID

Our summer basket La Cesta is available again - LAFLOID

La Cesta is back

Many of you were longing for this return after last year´s success. LAFLOID welcomes the summer with a new version of our iconic basket La Cesta, the most versatile and sought after bag this summer.

Handmade in Spain

The basket design is practically the same as last year, with its unique palm leaf interweaving, and mere slight adaptations to further upgrade the bag. As always in Lafloid, we´ve only used the best quality materials among which we should highlight the exclusive 100% natural leather, used for both the personalisable flap and the basket handles, and the chic golden metallic pieces.

New colours

With our La Cesta relaunch, new trendier and bolder colours arise. You can choose between Camel, a great sales success in 2021 and an indispensable classic; Marine, a more stylish reinterpretation of last year´s navy blue; Cotton, an off-white that would match with absolutely all your outfits; and Mango, our orange model, Lafloid´s signature colour and totally in trend this season.

Each and every colour has a strong personality. We bet you already have your favourite in mind! As in the case of all LAFLOID products, and La Cesta could not be less, you can also personalise it to your taste using all the different options offered in our web, adding your personal touch and making it unique.

A summer essential

Due to its great versatility, La Cesta is going to be your best companion, for the beach or any of your daily plans, or for a summer dinner party with friends. A more casual or sophisticated use is just up to you!

Additionally, we consider it a product to last over time, being a traditional beach palm leaf basket reinvented, with a premium leather flap that adds a more contemporary touch, while you can be sure that it´s a product that will never be outdated. And thanks to the high quality placed behind all Lafloid products, this durability is more than guaranteed!

We've only produced a limited quantity of each model, so don´t hesitate to order yours before your favourite colour is out of stock!

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