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Article: Women who transformed the fashion industry

Las mujeres que transformaron la industria de la moda

Women who transformed the fashion industry

Women such as Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel, Grace Kelly and Leandra Medine revolutionised the fashion industry and their contribution to the sector was, and still is, decisive to its status today. Thanks to Chanel’s innovation and break with the past, and Kelly’s elegance and subtlety, Medine has successfully mixed and transformed fashion into something personal, reaching millions with her charisma and style.

Coco Chanel: Her revolution in the fashion industry started when she freed the corseted female silhouette and adapted men´s garments to women´s bodies. She introduced trousers into a woman´s wardrobe and put a shoulder chain on a handbag. The classic tweed suit, the perfume, and the camellia flower were some of her most significant contributions. The blue Vesper handbag with the flower in the centre and with initials on top would certainly be Chanel´s favourite design.

Elsa Schiaparelli: Thanks to Schiaparelli, fashion came to be regarded as art. She merged futuristic italian movements with Parisian fauvism styles, accompanying them with a marked surrealist character. The invention of the fashion show has been attributed to her, and important artists of the likes of Dalí, Vertès and Picasso were among her friends.She made use of the animal world in her designs, so the black Roma bag personalised with the eagle design and her initials in gold would be the perfect definition of her identity. 

Grace Kelly and Lady Di: The most famous and high-profile royals left a legacy in the history of fashion, thanks to their elegance. Their style and savoir faire have left their mark on women of all time and always will. They would always have in their handbags the green Soho card holder with the crown.

Suzy Menkes: The acclaimed veteran journalist and demanding fashion critic is the editor of Vogue. She is responsible for organising the Condé Nast International´s annual Luxury Conference, and has been awarded the Order of the British Empire among other honours. The Jane shopping bag in blue personalised with wings would be the perfect accessory for the woman of many talents.

Leandra Medine and Chiara Ferragni: A blog, social networks and an abundance of creativity were the tools these millennials used in order to break into Instagram with their daily posts, and to revolutionise the fashion sector. Innumerable collaborations, capsule collections with the most prestigious labels, and even their own brands, have been these influencers´milestones, worthy of a case study. Their star accessory would be the Light Grape Iphone Case, decorated with the design of a snake.

The work of these women who adapted fashion to each of their eras, is an indelible legacy and at the same time, a challenge. Adapting the vision of Chanel or Schiaparelli is no easy task. Critics like Menkes who fight to defend their essence, or influencers such as Ferragni who showcase the label to the next generation, make it possible for these great fashion houses to maintain their DNA and remain eternal.

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