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Article: The fashion show’s new look is digital

Un nuevo modelo de comunicación, la pasarela digital

The fashion show’s new look is digital

When social distancing has now become essential for health, it has forced the traditional fashion show to use fast-moving new technology to transform itself into the digital fashion show.   At digital shows, fashion lovers can enjoy a unique experience without going anywhere. Look at 080 Barcelona Fashion, among others, which used this format to hold its show on a worldwide level.

Mexico, which hosted its fashion week at a time of uncertainty, has come out even stronger, thanks to the use of fashion films and platforms such as YouTube to reach every corner of the globe. The public can now be let in on the secrets of fashion and design thanks to these new formats.  

Madrid Fashion Week has already planned to offer a hybrid format, which will allow the show to be viewed either online or offline. This new format may well become a model of safe communication, able to reach a greater audience.

It is nearly impossible to maintain social distance --backstage, on the runway or in the audience-- at a fashion show. Who would have known that Anifa Mvuemba’s initiative --pre-pandemic-- of an online fashion show would, later on, not simply be considered as an alternative, but the path to follow to save the industry.

For many, the digital platform can be ignored no longer. In most cases, online fashion shows make it easier to reach wider audiences and bring them together. Burberry and David Delfín were pioneers in using live streaming to showcase their collections.

This shift to the digital format is attracting more and more enthusiasts, and is forging ahead as a new way of communication. In current circumstances, it may become the best, if not the only way, of telling the public about new trends in fashion.

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